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So lonely up there

It's so lonely to be successful.


is it so because you have chased the wrong type of success? 

Try to redefine what success means to you, as a person, not as a CEO, a successful business owner, or as any other type of great title you may have right now.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

👉1. Am I done with proving myself? 

If the answer is yes move to the next... alternatively stop reading this post... it's not useful.

👉2. What did I think I would get when I started? 

Write all of that down. Fix your thoughts in black and white and reflect on the deep rooted motivations that you thought would be satisfied by arriving to where you are now.

When you think about answering to these questions, it may be of great help to go as back as your relationship with your parents to see if there was a particular trigger that made you work so hard like: 

Did I want to prove something to them?  
Did I feel compelled to take their mission forward?  
Did I want to redeem their failures or position in society? 
Did I want to create a better environment of the one that they had so that my children won't have to struggle that much?

Add as it feels appropriate to you... you know where you need to get to.

And finally..

👉3. What do I want to give to the world, to my family, my children, my friends, my colleagues, right now? 

If your answer is another mean to an end (as in, "if I do this people will think this of me", "they will like me more" etc) keep digging, as you are still trapped on a lonely and needy place.

Alternatively, when you get to the point where you touch your intimate inner motivation, regardless of what you might get as a result.... that is YOU.


That's your new definition of success, that you can apply wherever you are, whatever you do.

There is no loneliness there.