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The dark night of the soul

When you go through the dark night of the soul you will very likely experience the following:

Loss of identity and knowing
Loss of relationships

👉Disorientation - happens because you are used to think in terms of "working hard today to be fulfilled in the future", and now you no longer see the future as a place where you will find your purpose.

Fear will tempt you to find a new direction, a new goal, but this is a great opportunity to plant a new seed, the seed of "here and now". 
This is all there is, and you know it.

👉Disconnection - will tell you that you forgot where your roots are... and that has got nothing to do with a place or people... is where your intimate presence is... you distanced yourself from yourself...
Water that seed of the "here and now" and your roots will enable you to fly again toward your forgotten "self". 

👉Loss of identity and knowing - this is very unsettling at first as you no longer feel that you are in control of anything and this is scary but also a great realization because... 

in fact, you are not in control of anything apart from being fully present "here and now" with a completely fresh and new mind to respond to events from the deeply rooted quality of awareness that you can only access in the "here and now".
This is all there is.

👉Loss of relationships
So painful, but it would be even more painful to stay inside a crystal castel of expectations and needs that you can no longer be trapped in as in awareness life express itself in freedom and responsibility, not in emotional traps and expectations. 

The ability to respond in freedom is all there is to live a sincere, true, authentic life, every moment. In other words, you may lose "relationsips" but you will find love... or I should say love will find you and you will be love regardless of who you are with.

This is an explosion of truth as the only part of you that is interested in power is your ego, an illusory well devised set of thoughts to which you identified with for so long.

In the "here and now" no mental scheme (ego) has the power to direct your life.
It will still be there but it will become a shadow without grip.
You will embody all the power that life itself has... the joy of being aware to experience your own presence "here and now".

In the "here and now" it makes a lot more sense to plan, succeed and fail, learn new skills and new lessons because no matter the result you will no longer depend on any of that to feel life full at every breath.