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Top of the ladder

You are on top of the ladder, and unless you find someone who is as high in the hierarchy as you, how can you trust them to help you find your inner peace and live a more fulfilling life?

If that's a goal, no one better than you can achieve it right?


However, this is not a goal to be achieved by putting more of the same efforts.

In fact, using the same skills and mindset that got you this far is what is going to make you mess things up. 

You look and feel “taller” because you are seeing from the wrong place with the wrong eyes. 

You may need an elicopter view and a different type of "seeing".

That, has got nothing to do with going higher up with more efforts of the same nature, it has everything to do with creating a space that you are no longer familiar with, so that you can see the whole in an unprecedented way. 

Not convinced?

I hear you. 

But, before you dismiss this message, check if these thoughts strike a chord :

✅ No one can help becasue no one understand my responsibilities.
✅ I provide for everyone how can anyone now provide for me.
✅ If I got this far it means that I can deal with it myself.
✅ This is a problem and as such I am going to resolve it!

I banged against the wall myself as I was too proud (insecure) to ask for help, and too closed-minded to consider any different perspective.

That has been my path.

And, eventually, that too has worked.

However, I am here to tell you, that you don't have to destroy all you have, with more drama than is needed, to find out where your inner peace is.

Because this is what is likely going to happen if you keep it all inside until you explode.

I am here to tell you that you can consider a different perspective, where you could be more compassionate toward yourself and others while changing everyone's life.

Just a thought.