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Going Beyond

I love the spontaneous and apparent mess of what is.

There are no winners or losers.

No efforts to be better.

No search for a meaning that is greater than what is.

You are no rescuer, nor a victim.

You have the same responsibilities for others, that others have for you.


This is your miracle to live and defend as they have their own. 

Don't try to take that away from them by playing the rescuer ---- you will disempower them!

Nor be a victim ---- you were never half born, living a half a life is your choice (albeit unconscious).

Go beyond the victim and rescuer mindset.

Go beyond "life happens to me" and "life happens by me". 

Life is a happening requiring neither your permission nor your ban to be so free, spontaneous and never sorry for itself, whatever the shape it expresses itself through.

Whatever drama we decide to add on.... it's, in fact, an add on. 

Nothing wrong with that.

But own it.

And see how you can go beyond passive and active mindsets.

Be aware of your spontaneous, apparently messy nature and be that, effortlessy accepting yourself 100%.

That is the best anyone can do.

Protect your spontaneous, apparent disorder, and raise beyond the "to me" / "by me" mindest.

You don't need any adds on.

You are perfect as you are... unless you are uncomfortable with being at peace with your mind.

Do you embrace or fight against your spontaneous messy order?

DM me if you'd like to reclaim your spark.