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Here's a "how to" to fix a painful experience with a better mindset.

You can't.

I'm a former "rescuer" and if you are wearing that hat too you may be interested in the following.

Whatever the better "set" is
is still a construct of the same mind that is trying to fix itself.

This is how I experienced suffering in my

- activities
- relationships
- sense of connection with myself and others

The constant search to fix the painful parts of life with a psychological solution is what kept me trapped and drove me to burnout.

I was trying to fix a problem that the same mind (the one believing in better and more) had created.

Our emotional dependency from other's

- love,
- respect,
- appreciation,

and a big one for me was, to be liberated from sense of guilt

stem for a belief that life can be fixed by better thinking, and relentless actions instead of

accepting what is, and experiencing it without emotional crutches.

Realizing how all this psychological movement is simply a futile attempt of a ghost (thoughts/ego), with which we identified with, that tries to fix pain, is liberating beyond belief.

Surrendering is not an act, and is not a defeat,
it's the end of the emotional grip that our ego has on us.

Pain does not disappear, but you are free to go through it without resistance or fear to lose your "self".

As you are what can never be lost, defeated or improved.

You are awareness, presence, stillness, love... call it as you prefer.

It is in this realization,

- love
- sense of worth
- liberation from sense of guilt

cease to be a condition to be sought in time with effort
and it becomes compassion and gratitude right here and now,
for self and others at the same time, for no other reasons but because awareness found itself, as you.

The seeking stops, the "experiencing" never ends.

So, what if your mind was free from any set?

What would you be doing right now?

How would life feel?