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How to reconcile your spiritual nature with your job?

There's nothing to reconcile.

Being so called "spiritual" and being busy in business are not mutually exclusive conditions,

on the contrary, unless one is whole, whatever the doing will relfect the fragmentation of a divided mind.

I thought I'd share a reflection to help you free up from what it appears to be a scenario with conflicting priorities.

Self inquiry or meditation are great ways to experience your indivisible wholeness

and continue to progress with your life and career without inner conflicts whatsoever.

Conflicts can manifest as:

Low energy
Lack of clarity
Lack of purpose
Sense of unworthiness
Sense of disconnection from self and others

To be whole you require no specific knowledge.

Only getting familiar with your fundamental nature.

It can be done autonomously, but external pointers can help you facilitate and accelerate your discovery.