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ReClaim your Spark

Breaking free is possible. But it requires you to reclaim your spark. 


By clearing out the dirt first.

The spark is underneath, it will shine as soon as you remove the layer of dirt.

Whatever type of spark you'll find there, it's the one you were given at birth, only this time, you will be aware of being it. 

Initially, you and I were not aware of the game, and thought that our power was in adding on, on that.  

This is where you, we all, gone "rightly wrong".

Yes, "rightly wrong", because there is no way you can see a void unless you build a vase around it.

You and I kept thinking that unless we added a meaning on that, no meanig was there, and so we covered our spark.

That's the "dirt".

The meaning that we gave to our creations. In our environment. With our relationships.

But that's good.

How could anyone see a light in the light? 

You and I needed that kind of dirt to be able to discover ourselves.

It is in knowing that our meaning fulfils itself when we consciously keep the spark clean, that our consciousness shifts beyond the "TO ME / BY ME" state of consciousness.

Only then, our creations will not be given a too heavy and unnecessary meaning. 

There will be no victimhood nor burn out.

They actually will be fun, because they will be created in presence.

They will clearly be seen as the product of our consciousness not as the consciousness itself.

The spark shines brighter when it isn't covered. 

DM me if you would like to reclaim your spark.