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7 knots

There seem to be 7 knots to untie ...

1. Do I feel safe? (fundamental needs, home, family, money)

2. Do I feel nourished? (relationship with food and sex)

3. Do I feel empowered to manifest my presence? (can I)

4. Am I able to give and receive love? (relationships)

5. Do I allow my creativity and intuition to have a space? (creativity and expression)

6. Am I aligned with my deepest values, with my spirituality? (inner alignment)

7. Am I connected with the whole as "I am"? (attachment/detachment)

Each of these knots may have been created as we were forming the idea of "self" and have become the content of our consciousness to which we obey to without knowing.

Allowing ourselves to see and hear the story that we tell about ourselves, about our problems, or the difficulties we encounter when trying to go toward our goals, requires a simple but rarely accessed embedded quality of our mind.


The ability to see, how our mind operates to "defend" its sense of self by a menace that the same mind has created, is liberating.

Bottom line, all our blocks come down to having invested so much energy and belief in an image that runs us behind our back and that without which we fear to disappear.

This is what meditation is to me.

Being able to see how the mind operates.

Nothing to do with a technique to practice in any particular way.

All to do with the quality of our presence... pure observation. 

This is the way I see coaching working.