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I started all over at 52 as I was laid off back in 2018.

Soon after that I received job offers that I have declined

and spent 18 months after that just waking up in the morning to find out what the day had in plan for me.

I could afford it. No bravery there.

I wrote a book that was eventually traditionally published.

I travelled across the Indian reservations of America to fulfill a dream of a lifetime and to learn about the places I was writing about.

I studied coaching and got accredited at 56 and

started a business as a consultant to leverage on my competencies in the payment industry and telco

as a life coach I work with corporate seniors who are going through challenging times and are eager to reconnect with themselves.

I no longer have the certainties of a salary

I no longer have all the benefits and perks that go with being an employee

the risks of not having a stable cash flow, clients and contracts are high

but this is the way I like it for me, now.

This is not to share a story of success

and is not even a projection for the future

no one knows what is going to happen next

but to say that there are no points of no return

every day is a blank new page to embrace with trust

not that trust alone helps solving the uncertainties

because life is a big unknown

but it gives you the confidence to face them as the day unfolds.

At 58 it looks like is still working.

Life doesn't end with the ending of circumstances that we are familiar with.

Every day is a new day

with new practical challenges as for me is to learn how to be a better sales man

spending decades running the business prevention unit

(so my ex sales colleagues used to define credit risk management šŸ˜œ)

didn't provide those competencies and confort to just go out and do it.

But I am in for the learning.

How uncomfortable are you willing to feel to be able to live on your terms is only for you to find out.

Everyone has their own definition of success.

I found mine to be peace of mind no matter what I do or donā€™t

what about you?