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I'm such a bad person

she said with a broken voice

I'm having thoughts that I am ashamed of

I should not have them

she insisted

Can you relate?

Did it ever happen to you?

It certainly happened to me.

And until I saw my mind as a logical loop that works to fix problems regardless to my will or morality,

I could not let flow or morality find me.

The mind works during the day as it works during the night.

But we don't make such a big deal with dreams do we?

Dreams just happen

whether morally acceptable or not

and we're ok with letting them be.

Why do we think that the thoughts that flow through us during the day are any different?

Because we are convinced that we are the ones who have them.

When in fact, if we believe we are, it's them that are having us.

This is a turning point in realizing how far from freedom we are when we identify with thoughts.

Your heart beats without your consent.
Your lungs pump in and out in the same way.
Your mind is no different.

Just pay attention to the state of being that preceeds thoughts.

That is in between thoughts.

You are, you, even when there are no thoughts.

Aware of thoughts.
Aware of the beating.
Aware of the breathing.

And none of these activities require your will or permission.

Seeking freedom from anxiety, burnout, compulsive thinking without realizing the nature of thoughts is like wanting to lift a weight with our shadow and being frustrated because we can't.

Let thoughts be a happening

you are not the thing that is being watched.

Nor the emotion that is being felt.

These are happenings of mankind. Not your own.

Be no thing


you are no thing.

You are that which is aware of all things.

Freedom from suffering is not in being able to control them, but in being aware of what they are, so that you finally know

what you are.

Awareness that is aware of itself.

No wonder why is so difficult to pay attention to that thing that is no object to look at.

But it becomes so natural when you realise that you are the seeing,
not the shadow.