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Burnout is not a point of no return, it's the point where freedom can begin.

As a former corporate director with 30 years of experience, I have faced, like many of you, some tough challenges, personally and professionally.

You can read them in my "about" section if you're curious.

I had a strong mindset... I thought

I was a problem fixer... I thought

I was a high achiever. And indeed I was.

Which is what, althought I had my wallet full, I ended up chasing more and more problems to fix

in every area... you know, health, work, family, social life...

What allowed me to break free from that loop is that I saw what was keeping me stuck and in that seeing I found freedom.

It's really as simple as that.

It's not something that you do, think or believe.

It's the seeing that frees.

What makes it difficult is the strenght to which we hold on to what we know.

We think that we are what we see... our thoughts.

All that your challenges need to keep you stuck where you are is

to be validated by your efforts to fix them.

Challenge your challenges.

See them, break through them.

If you need a hand to hold your torch,

I'm here.

You are that vast, silent and peaceful space that you are seeking.

Stop seeking, be that.