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In silence

time ceases to be the measure of successes and failures

not that you forget what happened
not that you will be forgiven

but you do remember
what you

and in that remembering

you know that you need no permission
to learn and unlearn
to get wet
to be alive.

What comes to mind when you are silent?


Only the mind watching itself

totally available

to the sea
and the conflicts that you have at work

to the sky
and the troubles you have at home

to the knowing
that all is
a perfect eternal moment.

In that silence
you see conflicts and troubles
as waves and clouds
that you no longer fight
as you don't confuse
what you see
with what you are.

Hi, I'm Dino a former corporate director with 30 years of experience now coaching seniors who want to move from a stressful and passionless routine to a present and fulfilling life.

I am the author of "The Way of the Wind", a former manager's journey of awakening from burnout to breakthrough.