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You have no gift. You are the gift

Making money with what you are good at
or that you love doing is a great thing
but it's not

When you give it all to this moment,
you take it all for as long as you live
no matter what you do
or don't.

No matter if you have a particular talent
or you are the clumsiest untalented person on earth.

Give 100% of you right here and now as you are.

Being present, is the best present that takes as it gives.

See the difference between "what" you are and "who" you think are,

when this is seen, the latter will drop its grip on you
and you'll be left with nothing to defend
and all to unfold
as the gift of
experiencing life
as you are.

- Managing stress
- finding a purpose
- managing anxiety
- find a sense of worthiness
- need to boost up self confidence...

Are the papers that keep the gift well folded
within the illusory box that I call "me" that
thinks that life is an effort
to affirm oneself
as the taker.

The addiction to the need to be needy
can be stopped right now.

Freedom is what you are.