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I felt as if I had pins stuck in my nails, like the ones I had tasted as a child victim of aggression from a gang of bullies. ..

The cold was as bitter as the air that years later filled my lungs during the nights spent looking for some heat behind the bus mufflers.

First the reaction, the fight and the escape of the bullies frightened by the fury of those who, no longer able to repudiate violence, had to use it to defend their right to peace.

And then a home.

Two snapshots that I could have carried along as defining moments and for some time they did...

Define me.

Carried on with many battles, won and lost in equal measure,
sometimes mortified, sometimes full of pride
and with this I built my career, my life
until I saw what it was waiting for me to see
winner or vanquished
I would have lost anyway if

the supremacy or defeat of a particular battle
had become the shadows with which to give shape to this light.

Freedom would have been lost.

The air is cold,
but it's a new cold and every day has a new color.

Are you at the service of the new light or carrying forward the shape of a defining moment?

My recent posts are taking an unexpected bend... and so be it...

If there is a message coming through me, there's a heart open to read this.