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There's no point in having the best drill and not having walls to use it against...


His BMW parked in the garage, the house with all the comforts and the family financially secure even in the event of death spoke of battles won in the field.

Many failures but certainly now he could see first-hand the successes that had measured and reciprocated his value too.

Now that everything was in order, that barely audible voice had now become more and more present.

Not words but a feeling... that of missing out the point of it all.

What bothered him more than anything was not knowing what to do.

He was a master of doing and for the same reason he now felt lost.

His toolbox was useless... a waste of space really.

To the best of his abilities everything was said and done.

Then one day everything changes, he loses everything and discovers loneliness but above all

he discovers, at the height of desperation, that he could do absolutely nothing to change the way he felt

and in that realization that voice stopped speaking,

leaving room for a silence so profound that he had felt for the first time when he was about seven years old, and which smacked of unmotivated joy.

He rediscovers the pleasure of waking up in the morning, the fullness of simple moments, the scent of coffee,

whether alone or in the company of the people he loves, without saying a word, sharing his deepest nature with everything around him, without the minimal interest in what might happen.

Rooted to the ground like an oak, immersed in this moment of total vitality as a bird that launches itself out of the nest for the first time,

not knowing whether it would fly but with the unshakeable trust that this is what it will do.

Whatever will be, will be.

Now it's the time, not later, and he sees where he was once lost although he would do it all over again.

The ashes of illusions had brought to him the power of truth

no matter the scars, he now loved those too,

and every morning, jumping out of bed, witout knowing anything at all, he enjoyed the freedom of not having anything to search anymore.

I might be ready for another book... who knows... and who cares really...