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As a former corporate director driven by ego at first and pushed by the wind later on...

I see this picture as the perfect image of the corporate culture I'd like to see

that could be summarised in

"the joy of switching off the engine and grow with the flow".

Recognising egos as inevitable happening but also as the source of suffering gives us an opportunity to experience life with unprecedented peace and harmony.

So, to strengthen leadership and foster an inclusive corporate culture, ego must be "seen"

as by seeing it,

it will be easier to recognise its harmful pulsions of power and control, and divisive nature which drives isolation and competition,

hence facilitating:

- empathy
- co-creation
- collaboration
- communication
- listening without judgement

To have unity of purpose, the dividing unit must be "weakened" with no effort or conflict.

To experience work not as a part of you that leaves the other parts at home, in the gym, with your spouse or with your children and friends,

but as an harmonious happening of a unified individual

this thing must be understood

- we are not our thoughts, but what witnesses them -

And, to see the truth of it, it must be experienced... a bunch of notions delivered as part of a training package aren't going to help.

Once this is seen and it becomes the predominant way we experience the experiences, harmonious growth as individuals not only as managers, is the inevitable consequence.

Yes the boat seems to suggest solitude but an egoless mind sees the entire happening where the boat is not separate from the seas it's sailing on

or from the wind that is pushing it, under the same sky as you and I enjoy the show.

If you are eager to address the root cause of your challenges, send me a DM.

Have a goal in mind and we'll take it from there.