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I can fix it all!

The savior narrative.

Somehow over the years you developed this “character” that you identified with.

This makes you feel responsible for making others happy, protected, comfortable, safe.

This dynamic may have been triggered when you felt:

- as the cause of disappontiment.
- helpless when witnessing the suffering of those you loved.
- in charge to take care of those who could not take care of themselves.

Knowing where this comes from may or may not help,

the point is that if you want to be free from it,

you have to recognise this urge to "save" others and fix everything

as the illusory narrative of being responsible for resolving life!

You can be a pointer, not a savior.

To go beyond guilt and suffering it's a gift everyone deserves to experience firsthand.

The narrative of being in power and control is what the illusory sense of self creates to resist to life as is.