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I used to react with anger because I didn't know how to accept sadness.

... In time, I found myself trying to fix problems before they could actually occur.

I was a control freak, convinced that all problems could be resolved with just the right amount of dedicated and relentless determination.

Like most of control freaks, I didn't trust others.

And slowly, I disconnected from myself too.

The fact is that when we don't know the origin of our vulnerabilities we feel at the mercy of others and circumstances that could trigger factors for which we know deep inside we are unprepared.

To define and achieve your goals, whether personal or professional, you must prepare to explore your blind spots and bring them into the light of awareness.

Fear of pain is the basis of suffering.

Acceptance of pain, is the end of suffering.

To get to that, you have to realize that you are awareness, and so is everybody else.

Everyone with their path to walk.

Some will never get to find out in their lifetime, but if you do, you know that's irrelevant as we are all one movement of the entire human consciousness that goes beyond the limits of our personal stories.

Trust, love, empathy or compassion will not be your decision or a practice, but the inevitable consequence of being aware that you are awareness. 

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