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I was a fairly successful man, but my mind was clouded by what I couldn't say at that time...

... Earning 6 figures, fancy cars, benefits and all

but also lost in a spiritless routine, grinding as if there was no tomorrow.

And from the eyes of those who saw me as the one who had it all figured out

I was unexplainably sparkless.

Until that day, as I was languishing on my sofa, beaten hopelessly by pain, fear ended, suffering was gone.

It's funny how a total lack of hope can actually be so liberating.

Hope and fear go hand in hand.

And both are resistance to what is.

I know it's human to hope,

as it's human to think

but it's totally unnecessary

to identify with thoughts that can only survive in an illusory time projection

that exist only in the psychological theather that we are conditioned to believe it's us

slowly forgetting is fiction.

When hope ceases,

not as a thought of defeat,

but as a realization of being life as the here and now, love emerges from nowhere

and everywhere

as our ultimate reality that we cannot undo,

no matter the efforts we make to create a better projection.

If it's peace that you are seeking,

be aware of the self that plays the you part

and be free.

I wasn't expecting to write such a post... or any post at all,

but it did, just came out of nowhere,

Pic at the Monument Valley in Oct 2018 about 10 years later the event.