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I don't know where and I don't know when..

...but I am getting used to the fact that when a thought keeps coming out of nowhere, and I sense my heart expanding, that thing will happen.

It's a mountain top.

There's snow.

It's cold.

I watch and rejoyce.

That's it,

just happy to be at the service of this great intelligence that uses me as its scout to enjoy experiencing itself.

Same stuff happened with the Sleeping Dragon at the Monument Valley.

I wrote about it before knowing it existed.

No deadlines needed.

No "whys" required.

Nothing to prove.

And if this thought it's a regurgitation of a past I lived and enjoyed,

never mind,

all that matters now,

is the document I need to complete before I pack my consultancy hat for this year.

Do you experience anything similar?

What's that thing that keeps coming out of nowhere?

An image... a sensation... a knowing...