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At your desk with feet and legs continually shaking about...

...your mind is elsewhere but you will not give up

no matter what you're going through personally.

You've solved everything on your own in the past and you will solve this too.

So you keep persisting.

Day in and day out.

That's an old snapshot I took of me.

Does it sound, look and feel familiar?

But, is there a better way?


When the challenges you are fighting against and the goals you're working so hard for, cease to represent your affirmation as an individual,

there's a high possibility that you will experience the beauty of silence beyond challenges and goals.

Silence is not necessarily the absence of noise but the end of its emotional grip on you.

That's why goals are so important.

They carry the seeking of what you are not.

Seeing through their source liberates you from the burdens of the why.

After that, having goals makes so much more sense.

Because they no longer carry the meaning of your presence.

You are whole and so each moment of the "jouney" is complete

without being stuck with

- anxiety
- suffering
- fear of pain
- need to prove your worth
- need to prove that you are right
- need to obtain approvals from others

Will you keep persisting?

Persisting doing what exactly?

If this resonates and you are keen to explore, reach out.