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We threw stones at each other.

The railway was our dividing line.

We were kids from opposing neighborhoods. They lived on the other side of the fence and this was enough to not like each other!

When some of us would get hit the scariest thing was not the wound, but our parents.

I guess we learned a lot during that time on how to hide our wounds to not let them find out that we were playing that stupid and dangerous game.

For us it wasn't stupid though, and danger somehow seemed to be measuring the thrill of life.

Where's all that gone?

We were a bunch of lively 1-digit-age kids (apart from some older brothers who really made damages), who were living free like animals in packs, roaming empty fields, cut through by railways, roads and buidings, free to tasting life as life itself.

This thing about freedom never left.

I don't know whether you feel the same about that too.

Is not what you do, achieve, or who you are with.

It's the love of life that you feel when there is no division between this moment and you.

And you have a taste of it when you are so "lost" in the moment as it presents itself, that you are the moment, because there are no interferences of:

- Fears.
- Beliefs.
- Wounds.
- Thoughts.
- Sufferings.

Whether in the past you identified as

the "powerful" one (I make life happen)


the "powerless" one (life happens to me)

when you realize that this interference is absolute nonsense, the incessant bubbling of a mind that can only repeat in loops "what it knows", you will be free from this illusory game of "power and control", and so free to accept this moment completely, as You are.

The effects of this realization if you are a former...

"powerful" one:
is that you will no longer be controlled by your sense of guilt, as you realize that what your mind "knows" is not what this moment is, and that you have absolutely no power or control over your life, much less on that of others.

"powerless" one:
is that you will no longer blame anyone for feeling the way you do as you realize that you are life, all of it, as anyone else.

Being present is the best and only thing that you can do and be for yourself and for others.

Without interference you are there as this moment is, pure presence, not as a bag of "knowing" trying to bend reality to yours or their needs.

To loving life we need freedom from this interference.

Free to not know what will come next, and happy to be life, as we are, now.

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