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If you are a separated parent pressed between corporate duties and the litigation process with your ex while suffering because you miss your children, this message is for you.

Don't let the difficulties of separation turn into distance.

Whatever amount of time you have available with your children, be present.

What destroys the relationship with your kids is not the lack of time but the lack of connection.

Being present means not allowing “your rights” or “your ex's wrongs” to take any space during the sacred moments that you have with them.

They love and need both.

When parents use their children to blame the other, they are only hurting their kids.

Protect them from your noise.

Heal from the emotional baggage that keeps you trapped in suffering.

Being in pain is hard enough.

Suffering for being in pain is a double cross that gives no benefits to anyone.

Remember this, your kids are not yours, if anything it is you that are theirs without defense and the sooner you give yourself a chance to find your sacred space, the sooner you'll be able to give the same to your kids.

Much love to you!

Do not isolate yourself.

Reach out to someone you trust and start your healing process.

Presence is the medicine and it is in you already when you accept pain and embrace your new reality without the old mind-made patterns that are keeping you stuck where you are right now.