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If you feel guilty about occupying a position that is larger than "you"...

...AKA suffering from "impostor syndrome", you may want to read this.

You are not an impostor.

Impostors are those who have deliberately decided to cheat to obtain an advantage to which they are not entitled to, and sense of guilt is hardly the reason that keeps them awake at night.

If you were given that role, it means your worked hard to get there and somebody gave you that position.

Clearly you need to learn new and more complex stuff, but this is part of the growing process.

If the cheating feeling is still there though, is because there is indeed a cheating somewhere...

You cheated on you to start with.

Your old drive to prove your worth got you where you are now, and what started as motivation it's rearing its head on you.

You have been searching your worthiness as a person in your abilities to perform a task.

You mixed the doing with the being.

You mixed the opinions of others with the gospel of your conscience.

In the doing, you wanted to prove that the feelings and thoughts you had about you, were wrong.

Wherever this originated, maybe it was a very demanding family where you were never enough, or a humiliation you went through as a kid, wherever this comes from, if this is still affecting the quality of your life, it's time you get rid of it by looking somewhere else.

Be aware of the self that runs behind your back and realise that you are awareness, not that narrative that is constantly trying to grab your attention as "me".

You are a fully blown human being, learning and growing, nothing to feel bad about it.

Beyond it all, you are exeriencing the experiencing,

not a closed loop of emotionally charged experiences that seek validation by keeping on spinning. 

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