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To be free from the compulsion of thinking you have to be aware of the self that runs behind your back playing the "you" part.

Once this is seen, you realise that awareness is what you are, and what you've always been

before you could spell your name and link it to that silver plate you have on your desk reminding you how good you are at what you do and also how exhausted you are as "you".

I have been there and through it.

I am now taking my clients through a 10 session programme to help them experience by themselves how life can be when they realize how much larger and independent they are from any thought.

No teachings, no notions just direct experience of that silent space that you are.

From there, performance carries the quality of who you are.

Relationships will reflect the fullness of your presence.

A greater sense of awareness and peace of mind are the tangible outcome of 10 x 1 hour sessions that you will need to find time for.