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If you are not interested in discovering your sacred space, this message is not for you.

Perhaps you are in your 40s or 50s, are reflecting on the red number you see at the bottom line of your life's balance sheet and feel there is something else to experience.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is time to take your calling seriously and start investigating.

It is time to look where you have not looked so far.

It will not be another experience, but the tasting of the experiencing.

It is time to use a different pair of eyes. Not your mind-made sense of identity.

Your sacred space is a place of non resistance.

Not an identity that seeks power and control.

Problems will remain problems, but you will no longer get lost in them.

You will know that you are much larger than them.

Joy will be joy, but you will no longer need to work hard for it.

It is certainly a challenge, but it is not hard work.

It is the absence of hard work that makes it challenging, would you believe that?

Pain will remain pain, but by accepting it you will be free from suffering.

Finally, the search for your sacred space is not in conflict with being productive.

In fact, it's what makes whatever you do or don't reflect the quality of who you are.

Who am I to say it?

Someone whose mind-made sense of identity is severly damaged.

Ready to explore?