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Nothing like a still mind can help you live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Career, relationships, inner peace, all included.

Learn how to be still.

Not by seeking stillness, or by trying to override a "negative" thought with a "positive" one, but by staying fully present with what is.



Are your gateways to freedom because they give you a chance to see that they are triggered by the same source that creates fear and sets itself up to defend against it.

If you stay where you are, long enough to see where they are coming from, you’ll see how your mind operates, and so you realize that if there is something that watches it... you are not what is watched.

Stillness unfolds as you.

Finally free to be pissed off about something or worried about how to pay your next bill but never lost in anger or anxiety or in need of betterment.

You go through it all, never losing and never gaining anything other than the fullness of living every moment as complete.