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If you are leading people and going through a difficult time in your personal life, these 3 insights are for you:

1. There is no one "below" you, and no one "above" you.

Occupying a box in the org chart that places you "above" others does not mean that you are exempt from going through a difficult time. You are like everyone else; there is no one "below" you and no one "above" you. Understanding when it is time to ask for help is what leaders expect from their people, why should you be any different?

2. The world was here before you and will continue to function without you.

Allow this change in your approach, from directing to facilitating, from controlling to enabling, from teaching to learning, from talking to listening. You may be surprised to discover how the world continues to function without you, with new potentials emerging from your team that you may be unaware of. This is what leaders should do: enable other to emerge.

3. Humanity connects first in consciousness and then in actions.

People connect with people, roles negotiate with roles. You choose which one is most meaningful. This does not mean that you have to download your emotional baggage on other people, it means that you start connecting with the closest person you know. You. The only place to start, to allow meaningful actions to take place.

A challenging time can be a gateway to freedom.