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By being present.

1. Start by hearing your self talk until you

2. Realise that the "persona", that is talking inside your head is not you, but your conditioning playing the role of the "eyes" from which you see yourself and the world. "This is right, that is wrong", "I need to improve", "I should do/feel this and shouldn't do/feel that".

In noticing this...

3. You're instantly using a different pair of "eyes" (awareness) and are now able to see that you are much larger than that limited entity that moves in time and space, comparing to other "objects" doing their own thing.

4. This "understanding" brings the clarity to see that your beliefs are a mind-made projection in need of a story to validate your "knowing" and identify with it. It's a box. A finite "object" you no longer fit in to.

5. With this clarity, that belief is dropped without making it a "choice" as your "seeing" belongs to that source of clarity that is never "needy" nor can be pushed or pulled by others or circumstances.

With presence, you discover that you have no gift... because there's no more box to pack it into, you are the gift.

I hope this helps.

If you need a buddy to keep you on track with this, send me a DM.