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The best way to find out what you are looking for, is to be present with whatever challenge or goal that comes your way.

Yes it's not the goals, it's your presence.

It's whether you are "seeking" or "watching the seeking".

If you are “seeking” to create the conditions that will enable you to feel the feeling that you want, you are "there".

If you are “watching the seeking”you see the game that the mind plays and so you are "here".

Feeling all the feelings and allowing every thought to flow through you,

but this time, you no longer need a mean to an end to be “more and better”,

you are all that you are looking for right "here and now".

How to "watch the seeking"?

Start with knowing that you are are already that, only distracted by the shiny objects your minds pull you to.

See the shiny objects as what they are not, and what is left is you.

Free to go through them all,

Free to enjoy them all,

Free to curse them all

And free from the need to be needy.

This is a trasformative experience like no others,

if you are ready to explore, reach out.