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Gurpreet Dhariwal on Linkedin

I came across Dino Carella via LinkedIn and somehow we remained in touch. When I got to know about his book, I added it to my Goodreads to-be-read list. 

And, here I am today after finishing off this brilliant book. 

I loved the journey of Ostro to the USA to find the Indian American roots of his mother.

He wanted to come here along with his family but then destiny had something else for him to reveal and experience.

He travels to various places and comes across John who doesn't hesitate a bit in showing Ostro his hidden powers and strengths. He makes him realize the real meaning of life and after meeting him, Ostro never remains the same. 

The way Ostro has defined the beauty of the people and places he met and visited will stay with you. He makes you a part of his journey. 

Some of my favorite excerpts are:

*"Only those who are afraid of suffering seek sufferin'. Whoever ain't afraid of fear is free from the chain of cause and effect. Beyond this vicious circle, there's awareness. 

*We spend so much time thinking about things, but so little living in the end, when we stop building castles in the sky, we find that everything is already where it should be.

* Each of us thinks he's at the center of existence whereas it is the existence that is at the center of us". 

I would recommend it to those who wish to explore the different facets of life so that they come back to reality rather than living in a fairyland. 

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