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You are being honest and people around you can't deal with that.

Your change is scary.

Your transformation has an impact on them and so they call you many names.

They all hurt.

Remember that the responsibility that you are taking for yourself is the greatest act of love for those who are now attacking you.

How is that?

Because it may be the first time that they see what it means integrity.

Because they now see that they too can do the same for themselves. 

Don't let the hurt put you down.

Accept it as your path to yourself.

You are part of a greater consciuosness that will be available to those coming next, and you are also the reason why they will find it easier to be who they are when they will need to go through the same.

Think where we were 200 years ago and where we are now as a species.

Many of us are still at a baby stage of consciousness, where love is given or taken as a negotiation, something to be deserved!

But thanks to you, more people will learn that love is acceptance for who you are, for who they are. 

No one is an island.

Nothing ever is lost.

When you'll come back in 200 years from now, albeit with a different pair of eyes, you will be the "I am" that enjoy what you have sown now.

As Rumi said: “You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.” 

Enjoy your Sunday being you, thank you for being you.