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Money is an amplifier, if you are happy,

money will provide thousands of ways to experience and share your happiness


if you are unhappy, money will show you in every possible way how far you are from your truth.

Confusing the amplifier with the guitar player it's a lesson that many will never learn.

Skills are very similar to money.

When they are achieved as a mean to a goal which is supposed to bring joy, success, fame this too is part of the same lesson.

Unless you find it painful not to practice guitar, then chances are that your hard work is what makes you happy right now regardless of the outcome.

Grinding doesn't lead to burnout

as well as money and skills don't give you the truth that you are looking for.

What's the truth you are looking for maybe be hidden in the pauses.

When was the last time you paused with no goal whatsoever?

Likewise, how did it feel to be in the grind as the grinding itself?

Were you thinking how to improve that moment?

How would your life be if you found out that this moment is all you can ever experience and that

there's nothing to improve about yourself?

Happy weekend!

Money is also a necessity, without it, all you will be thinking about is how to make money so that you can provide for yourself and your family. So make money, lots of it, but find out what you are before you lose yourself in the process.