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Your sense of urgency drives your path, your inner compass the direction you take

but most of the times, we produce results that at best give us a temporary solace but not a permanent realization of freedom and peace


what we call inner compass is nothing but our reaction to the emotions that we fear the most and that are triggered by the

Outer world.

Outer compass = reactionary = driven by anxiety.

By doing this your...

==> job
==> boss
==> relationships
==> circumstances

will maintain their grip on you and they will dictate when and at what conditions your freedom and peace of mind can be "granted".


if your compass is driven by an inner call

you'll begin to drop your focus from other people or external events and you'll start looking inside

until you see that what keeps you from realizing your vast potential, is the conditioning that you follow "as you", without even knowing.

We are conditioned to believe that we are either victims or masters of our destiny

we are none of that.

We are much more.

We are life experiencing itself in total freedom, at every breath.

How to realize that, is through direct experience... and to do this there are two ways that I am aware of:

1. keep persisting with your folly until, if you are lucky, you wake up


2. inquire on your fundamental nature.

Whatever path you take, once you get "there", you'll find out that you no longer need a compass as the path is no longer there to seek.

for the avoidance of doubt, I still get triggered from time to time, but I am no longer hostage to that as once you find out your nature, it cannot be unlearned for too long.