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The majestic side of you is woo woo stuff!

If I hadn't explored some woo woo stuff myself, I would probably still be a fully functional and successful

broken man.

On June 3rd, 2012, I attended my second seminar on energy healings and the studying of chakras.

For a credit risk director soaked in KPI's, financial analysis and the likes, dealing with energy healings was a sign that I had lost the plot.

One could have thought. And certainly I did think that of myself.

And yet, if I hadn't decided to expose myself to that stuff, I would have probably remained stuck to the stake of my so called knowledge.

What am I saying this for?

Because if you lost your spark and feel the need to reconnect with your true nature you've got to get out of your head.

Park your cynism, criticism, judgements and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

Not as I did.

We are all unique and so are you, and it is yours the privilege to find out your own way.

The point is, the best technique to follow,

is the one you feel pulled towards to.

No matter how crazy that sounds and feels.

Just go for it!

If that doesn't work you can drop it and continue the exploration with something else, but open up.

Expose yourself damn it!

Once you've exhausted all that is not,

what is,

emerges with all the majestic beauty that you are without further seeking

as when the seeking stops you’ll be left with

nothing to improve

no one to impress

no where to go

You’ll be the love the world needs more of.

I know it's not easy,

when people around you keep expecting you to complying to their needs

and even more difficult to accept that you are complete right now.

But you are

Even though you are stuck and in pain right now.

In fact, if you are there

you are closer than ever to wake up to being what you are seeking.

Not sure where to start?

Find a weirdo that has gone through some weird stuff that can help you explore without the slightest judgement.

Need a 5 steps process?

What about a deep dive into exploring your way instead?