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Drinking to release tension

-- languishing on the sofa
-- watching tv to stay unplugged
-- sleeping more than needed
-- working relentlessly
-- keeping busy to avoid pauses

typical narcotizing behaviors that I have experienced myself when I was a successful leader.

Isolation and disconnection from self and others was one of the consequences.

It went on for years and I got out of it the moment something clicked on me out of the blue

this "something" wasn't intentionally devised

and I couldn't possibly pass it on to you as a process to follow so that you can finally be free from suffering

but it left me with this realization:

We are not our thoughts. We are what is aware of these thoughts.

If you are seeking to radically change the way you experience life

see what is the source of your suffering until you realize that

thinking about how life should be is as fulfilling and effective as a ghost trying to lift weights.

Identifying with our thoughts and beliefs (ego) it means expecting ourselves to have power and control over life as the ghost that tries to build up muscles.

How sane is that?

You don't need to follow anyone's process to live your life

but there's plenty of people out there that can point you to that freedom that is already in you but momentarily far too entertained with the ghost show.

Send me a DM if you think I can be one of those people.