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Feeling exposed isn’t a great feeling is it?

Impostor syndrome = unresolved need to feel worthy.

Where would all your motivations to do great and better stuff come from otherwise?

Proving your worth to whom exactly?

Every time you succeed in something that feeling disappears for a while until it chases you again!

And so, back to building your competence so that you build your confidence?

Ok then,

how did that work so far?

When is that going to be enough?

When the hostage creates the kidnapper.

Yes, motivations are fuel that make you grow in career terms but

if you are suffering because you are not ok with the learnings that come with it and feel

- exposed
- an imposter
- soon to be discovered

then you are running after the kidnapper before having had a frank conversation with the hostage.

You made other people opinions your authority.

See where this sense of inner lack is coming from

is it a thought that you believe no matter what


no matter what you believe you are ready to set them both free?

I am not asking you to go back in time to when you lived your childhood trauma and re-live it

I'm inviting you to see whether a past memory is still running your life

just see how your mind operates, allow it and be free from it.