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When freedom finds itself, as you, inner peace is the inevitable consequence...

...that you experience, not because you learn better and more powerful concepts but because

you are able to go through every challenge with the wisdom that unfolds through you, as you.

I just received it and read a few pages chosen at random and I have no doubt that if there is a book that can help you experience the things I write about, practically every day, to inspire you to realize your fundamental nature of being the free space within which everything happens, this is it!

You and I are awareness and this is all there is to know

and Kat (Katrijn) van Oudheusden with her "Essential Inquiries that Reveal Our Nondual Nature" is the "master" that every student of non-duality is lucky to meet...

until both the master and the student disappear.

Don't just read this book, experience it.

Connect with Kat.

Reach out to her

if you are ready to explore andexperience your infinite possibilities to be the freedom that you are seeking.