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Stretched and thin as tissue paper

or light and free like a still mind?

Here's the context:

your boss continues to burden you with work and urgent deadlines when you have already made clear that you can't take it any more

in the meantime, you don't know how to get out of it and so you continue to take everything on board

crawling toward the weekend.

And finally today is Friday!!

What a crxxpy way to live the week isn't it?

I've been there... on both sides.

Asking my people to take more on board while taking more on board myself.

And like many others, I crashed against the wall with my foot heavy on the gas.

Blaming the company or the boss is easy, and sometimes appropriate, but

they are probably also in exactly the same situation as you

incapable of dealing with work pressure without destroying everything else in the process.

Social life
Mental and physical health

How to get out of it then?

Either by continuing to hit on the gas and hoping that the crash will be enlightening.... as it happened to me, and so yes it is an option

or by admitting that you are trapped in a system that you obey to

without knowing

that makes you feel uncomfortable when you

-- have to trust others
-- risk failing with your tasks
-- have to deal with not knowing
-- have to say no to protect your space
-- can't fix problems despite you are exhausted

... and you decide to do something about it.

Such as considering a possible way through it by

-- acknowledging that where you are is not serving you
-- questioning, your belief system that keeps you stuck in the current loop.

Call it meditation, self inquiry, or reclaiming your sacred space

whatever gets you to fully sink into being, no matter what you do or don't, it's worth a try.

> Trust your intuitions, albeit scary.

> Sense the truth of your insights more than believing your fears.

To find unity and wholeness outside you have to find it inside first.

Where there is unity there is stillness.

And a still mind is neither numb nor paralyzed

it's completely free to be "that" which you are seeking.

Burnout is misalignment.

The awareness of being awareness is liberating beyond imagination.