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That's the job I thought I would do back in 2006 when I signed my resignation without having another job.

I was a director with brilliant prospects and the company did all they could to keep me but, at 40, I was ready to erase everything I achieved

to be in peace with myself even if that meant going back to when I was 11 years old when I worked as a boatman paid with cigarettes and tips.

Years of grinding swept away with one decision.

What made me take that decision was a non negoatiable that left me with no other options, but to take that leap of faith toward the unknown.

I will keep my reason out of this post, and all the nocturnal awakenings with anxiety attacks for another time,

Everyone has their reasons so my "why" is irrelevant but it could be interesting to consider the "what" makes us act in a way or another.

So "what" is it that makes you

go toward the unknown?
risk all that you have achieved?

Before we pull up the concept of going out of the confort zone in order to grow, I want you to know that to me, to be in the confort zone is exactly where we should be.

Because confort, when it is such, it doesn't mean, staying put for the fear of living life fully.

How can anyone truly be confortable by fearing life?

This is not living in the confort zone but in the unconscious zone.

And I have been there for a while... thinking that I was being mature
and responsible.

Confort at its deepest expression is such when you are available to live life fully as life wants you to manifest, whatever the outcomes.

There are no outcomes that validates or invalidate a previous choice as a good or bad one.

There is only this moment and whether you are in peace with your conscience or not.

I promise you will not lose your ability to plan and make rational moves, perhaps this is the exact time when your planning and your moves are most rational.

We often confuse rationality with blindly following the logic of our emotionality.

Rationality is clarity, harmony and alignment despite the difficulties.

When you no longer seek to balance inner conflicts with actions that on the surface tick all the right boxes as socially validated

and you start finding out more about yourself and the peace that comes with a still mind, despite the mess you are in.


Very much so.

Worth it?

Everyone with their own answer.