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Burnout = Misalignment.

Misalignment = " I should be somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else".

To liberate yourself from the trap of wanting "what is not right here and now"

you have to feel no loss of you, or for you, regardless of the circumstances.

But presence is not something that you need to reach.

Is what is left of you when you see the source of your resistance

and by "seeing" it

the release from its grip will come as a natural consequence.

This is what I like to call

effortless dewiring.

You no longer need to wire or rewire anything

as long as you see the current wiring

and how this is an unnecessary and self inflicted narrative that up until a moment ago you were obeying to without knowing.

This is all you need.

Not easy I know

I have been trapped into my own thoughts for years

because we are so conditioned to do, in order to be

that starting from being and seeing how you go on with the doing isn't something that we are familiar with.

But an insight is what took me out of it.

So rather than remaining stuck into wanting something different from what is

you may consider opening up to another human being

so that you can hear your self talk about the challenges that you are having right now

and question the reasons why you believe what you think.

The insights that will emerge in you, from you

will allow you to unleash

the freedom and peace that you are seeking.