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Read only if you’re no longer driven by career and money

go past this line too if you are tired to search for a why that doesn't seem to come to you

and you're sick to hear that consistency is what will get you to achieve bigger and better stuff.

Do read what follows if,

you need peace of mind like nothing else.

Consistency makes so much more sense
when it's the natural outcome of you being in the flow with what
life wants you to manifest.

Keep on reading only if

you cannot wait a minute longer to live an extraordinary life as an ordinary soul that needs no why to justify its presence.

You being here is a big enough why already.

You don't believe me?

Please don't.

Find out for yourself what happens to you when you

stop resisting to this moment

as this moment is.

Unless you see a point in fighting what already is

And if you don’t

you might as well

live it,
as it is,
as you are.

So rather than seeking peace

see what prevents it to be your natural state of being.

The energy that flows when resistance ceases

is beyond belief.

And the music keeps going at its pace.

Happy Saturday!