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Can burnout bring anything good to personal and professional growth?


The short answer is

yes, definitely.

And not only something good, but a total wake up to the point of "becoming" the inner peace and freedom that you are looking for.

In my experience, not everybody will get there and those who will, will not get "there" painlessly.

Those who make it seem to be pulled, whether conciously or unconsciously, by a desire to get to the root cause of their suffering.

Even though by persisting with their illusions of power and control... as I did!

Those who don't, seem to be driven by their attachment to the idea of having to be in control

for the fear of finding out that if they look too deep within they may find,

what scares them the most.

What makes someone go in one direction and another in the opposite direction is perhaps beyond grasp

as it may just be how our collective conciousness works.

Being a whole, human consciousness is not concerned with the individual

but with how every individual plays their part in the evolution of the entire humanity

while living their life fully.

This is a never ending process, it doesn’t begin or end with anyone in particular.

However succesful or unsuccessful, it is always worth a try doesn’t it?

Btw, these are terms make sense only when believed by the ego that feels a separate entity competing and comparing with other egos.

In reality everyone is the entire world

which means that there is no competition whatsoever but a call to explore and live life fully.

Exploring how each and everyone play their part is worth the exploration.

No process guarantees any result, but surely a deep dive into the unknown to learn more about ourselves

is worth every breath.

A full immersion into self inquiry could be a giant step for a man and mankind.

All at the same time.

Reach out if you are ready to explore.