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Here's why you don't need advices from people who "have been there and done that"


because none of other people's stories qualify them to be you.

Only you can find your way back to yourself
the way that it makes sense to you.

Advices are not bad though... when asked.

Because it is your way to challenge beliefs that you hold true that might need exploring.

And when you start exploring, the growth that comes with it is huge.

There is peace and freedom when you release baggage yourself as a result of your own realization.

So go for the advices if that helps but

never at the cost of being fully in with living your life first hand.

So, yes with 3 decades of corporate experience and a burnout

"I have been there and done that"


send me a DM if you are ready to explore

because even if I could go back in time I would not give my younger self any advice.

I know that I wouldn't follow them anyway.

The only way out is through.

So to nullify the message of this post here's my advice to you:

go for the exploration and experiencing

park other people's knowledge aside.

Be your own knowing.

Start now.

Happy Wednesday!