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After work I went in a suit and tie to the forest to reconnect with myself but then I found out...


whether is the forest, sitting on a public bench, or walking on the beach what made the difference was not the place but that sense of peace that that place brought out in me.

Find that place and if it changes, go with the change, there are no hard rules.

The point is to not confuse what you feel with the place you are in.

What you're looking for is not something, someone or somewhere to depend on,

but to access to that "knowing" that you're home

that you are peace

wherever you are, whoever you are with, whatever you are doing.

Have you ever felt that way?

Being so present to that knowing, as that knowing itself?

Just aware?

Have you noticed that when you are "there" neither the people nor circumstances have the power to touch that space in you?

At least, not as they used to.

When you become familiar with the fact that you are that “knowing,” detachment from the triggering events occurs without effort.

I am not telling you to sit on the driver seat, with a better mindset

but to be free from all drivers and all sets.

I am inviting you to look at the source of your mind-made noise...

the driver,

so that you realize that you are "that" which is aware of it.

More than a better mindset, I see beauty in finding out that our full presence emerges naturally when the mind is free from any set.

Scary? Sure.

How could a driver who fears losing its power not be?

Liberating? Sure x2.

How could a free mind not be?

Be aware of the narratives that run inside your head

that you believe and obey to without knowing.

It's not that difficult, although it feels so because to see them, you need to bring them in the open... and in doing that

you may feel exposed
and vulnerable.

But if you accept the challenge of bringing the "driver" in the open "your" awareness will do the rest.

And when you are there

you'll know why I put - your - between " "

because there is no your awareness or my awareness,

only awareness as one indivisible knowing.

Ask yourself:

How uncomfortable are you willing to feel in order to find peace of mind?

How would your life be if your inner peace could not be touched by neither the people nor the circumstances you find yourself with/in?

I found out the hard way and it took me years because I didn't trust anyone and never opened up to anybody.

It doesn't have to be this way though.