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From being lost in a passionless routine to start living a fulfilling life, all it takes is one single realization.

In that single realization you will simultaneously find out that you no longer need:

1. Time or effort to become anything that is supposed to be a better version of you... you will experience the completeness of this moment as you are

2. To control your thouhts or emotions as they are an inevitable happening and you will no longer be controlled by them

3. To suffer to prevent pain... because you accept pain as inevitable and this will liberate you from the illusions that resisting to pain with thoughts can resolve an experiencing.

4. To search a path to awakening... there are no path, you are the "pathing" right now, as you are.

5. There is no higher truth to go after... you are it, right now.

This single realization requires that you see how your mind operates and in that exact moment freedom from the emotional grip of thoughts and emotions emerges without effort.

Call it meditation, self inquiry or any term you prefer.

You will realize that you are awareness being aware of itself.

Expose your thought patterns to your aware presence, until what you are seeking will rise from the ashes of all beliefs.

That's the A-ha moment of all A-ha's.