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The logic of positive affirmations had had a great impact on me in a past, however that now seemed so distant to me.

It had given me infinite evidence to explain my dislike towards ‘whingers’, those who always felt sorry for themselves, and nothing ever pleased them.

I, on the other hand, had used my strength and determination to get where I was today, always having clear goals.

The courage to have made difficult choices that others would never have ventured to do so, always ready to judge and compare my success, ignoring the fact that their own misfortune was due to their own lack of responsibility.

I had always believed in myself even before the practice of positive affirmations became fashionable.

If there was merit in that way of thinking about life it would be to hold people to their responsibilities.

However, although it helped to remove some alibis, it risked imprisoning them in the illusion of power, which would not help to understand the field of action that went beyond all will and which was part of a much broader plan than any thought.

Excerpt from my book "The way of the wind".

What if you could experience being the unfolding of life's broader plan instead of struggling to make life happen?

Who or what would you be?