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Here's how I kept growing professionally although no longer caring about it.

What allowed it, is a realization that I am here to share.

Before that realization I worked hard to become a country director,

after that I didn't do anything at all to become a regional director covering countries in the EMEA and APAC and a member of the board.

In the first "phase" I kept carrying within the tension to achieve.

After that, that tension disappeared and what made me grow further is a radical shift in consciousness that freed me from the need to

prove my worth.

For this there is no "how to" to become that I can possibly share...

but a "what" to be familiar with, that happens in the way that is only for you to experience.

This is a direct realization that you are as vast as the mind that no longer focuses on what the mind produces, but it rests in the awareness of being awareness.

Thoughts, beliefs and the "how to's" to avoid unpleasant emotions or to seek the pleasant ones,

simply cease to occupy your attention because all this movement of the mind is seen for what it is.

An inevitable happening of a conditioned mind that cannot cease to operate.

Nothing else.

These happenings are not what you are, unless you believe so.

If you are seeking peace and freedom from the grip of anxiety and compulsive thinking,
experiencing the freshness of every moment,
you might park the idea to go on top of the Himalaya, and just surrender to this moment with your full presence as this moment is.

If Himalya is still on your mind though.

Then go for it with all you've got!

We seem to find what is seeking us when we exhaust our illusions first.

I'm not sharing a formula but my personal experience.

If what you read so far resonates,
experience all experiences that have a pull on you
until all is left of you is the absence of every psysological need to make this moment any different to what it is.

Wherever you are.
Whoever you are with.
Whatever you do or don't.