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Exiting burnout takes an instant but to allow this shift, a realization must take place

This realization requires self inquiry so that you can find your freedom from the beliefs that make you feel

> trapped
> isolated

and that create a sense of disconnection with self and others.

Thoughts and beliefs are hard to see so long you continue to keep on grinding without a pause.

-- What are you afraid to lose if you manifested as you are?

-- Who do you think are you going to let down?

-- Whose blessing are you waiting for?

I have gone through this myself and it costed me dearly but the rewards have completely transformed the way I live my life.

Since then

> My career pivoted
> I dealt with a separation with love
> I have gone through a painful loss with a sense of peace I could not imagine before

You don't need to work with anybody,
I went through this by myself, so going alone is a solution that is available to you too,
but if you've had enough to grind, while being broken inside,
I want you to know that burnout is mainly an expression of disalignment, there's nothing outside that is the cause of it,
so please stop focusing on trying to fix the outside for a minute
and consider removing your triggers inside first.

The freedom you seek is seeking you.

Not freedom from pain, but the freedom to go through pain and challenges in alignement with who you are.