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Grinding does not lead to burnout.

Misalignment does.

It's not the amount of hours spent in the grind that gets you down
but it's the resistance to this moment as is,
that makes you wish you were:

-- somewhere else
-- with someone else
-- doing something else.

This is exhausting and can lead to:

-- isolation
-- disengagement and
-- disconnection to self and others.

Liberating from this trap is absolutely possible

and it doesn't require years of practicing anything

but it requires a radically different approach

which is to find out the source of your suffering (our conditioning) and allow freedom to find you!

If you don't know how to start this process try this:

-- open up to another human

(writing may also help but imo the exposure to another person will bring the emotional charge and connection to a completely different, quicker and more impactful level than writing)

-- hear your self talk

-- challenge what you hear

-- see through the thoughts that you have around the emotion that scares you the most

-- realise that "your" thoughts and "your" attempts to bury that emotion are the same thing.

See that thing,
understand the nature of it.

Freedom will be observing
as you.